Currently in development by Rat King, Behind Stars and Under Hills is a first-person dungeon adventure game with detective elements and animal people. You are Livia, daughter of the world-famous explorer Lord Frenklyn Geiger. Shrouded in mystery, he explored the Northern Mountains ten years ago, but never returned. You feel the urge to find out his fate - maybe he survived...?



To find out what happened to Lord Geiger you need to gain the trust of the inhabitants. Prove that you are different by helping them – or outfox them. There often is more than one solution to a problem. Find vestiges from Lord Geiger's crew, interrogate the locals, follow clues and use the right tools to uncover the truth behind the exploring expedition seemingly led to a fatal end. But beware: dangers lurk everywhere, and not every creature will be friendly.


Beneath the Northern Mountains is a large cave system embedded in the cold nothingness where only the hardest survive. They always have been target of ambitious adventurers to unravel ancient mysteries for personal fame.
Natural caverns, ancient temples, homelike lairs, eerie dungeons - don't forget to light your torch in these various underground worlds full of life and death!


In Behind Stars and Under Hills you can interact with many eccentric characters. Everyone will have their own take on the expedition Lord Frenklyn Geiger did – and on the man himself. Was he a hero, a racist, a failed father, or a selfish leader? You decide which opinion to believe and what to dismiss.
Near the mountain's entrance live the walrus people called the Tusklings. They trade and house expeditions, but stay a mystery to the illustrious foreigners nonetheless. And then there are rumors of a people living even deeper in the mountains, guarding treasures never seen by any fox before.


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